Build To Transfer

Thinking about hiring a near shore company as a stepping stone to creating your own -in-country development center?
We can help with that.

We remove the risk and mystery of creating a mexican entity

get started quickly

Build a dedicated team through Agave Lab.  Use the in-country legal, tax, and employment infrastructure that we already have in place. 


scale with success

Grow and mature your team based on your evolving needs. 

spin out to your own entity

When you’re ready, we’ll help you create your own local company.  We’ll handle creation, compliance, staffing – even a facility to work from.   Then we’ll help transition your team to this new entity.

Build more at a lower cost

Whether you want to reduce your burn rate, extend your funding timeline, or just create an infrastructure that allows you to deliver more product with less money - your own offshore development center may be the answer.


We realize that some companies may be looking for a longer term solution that involves a global expansion of their development operation.  We provide a path for that.  Companies can start working with Agave Lab in a traditional fee-for-service model and then, when the project team has grown and matured, we help the company create their own Mexican entity and then assist as we migrate the team to the new structure. 

  • Time to Market: Pulling from existing team members, we can have a squad in place in a week or two.  Then, leveraging our reputation and existing contacts we can quickly build a team around this core.
  • Less Complex:  We manage all aspects of hiring and maintenance -e.g. contracts, payroll, taxes, healthcare, retirement, continuing education, etc.
  • Cost: By developing a long-term direct relationship with your employees, you reduce overhead costs.
  • Alignment and Retention: A direct employment relationship builds a stronger bond that translates to a better aligned workforce.
  • Valuation: Owning your own development capacity has a positive impact on investor perception and company valuation.

Yes.  Obviously Agave Lab charges an overhead for the resources deployed in our traditional fee-for-service model.  To convert that structure to one where the team is employed directly, we approach the creation of the new company and the transition of the resources as a kind of an acqui-hire – with a one-time “buyout” of the project team.  We stay active in the management and transition for a period to ensure a smooth transition.