Your ideas are worth nothing

If you’ve ever wondered about what I’m doing in Mexico or what Agave Lab is all about, this is a good listen.  Diego Barrazas writes a popular and interesting blog about doing business in Mexico.  As part of his DEMENTES series, he interviews people that are trying to break the mold of the traditional, top-down approach to running a company here.  His topics are wide-ranging, from religion, finding your passion, new approaches to organizational development – interesting stuff.

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by him, and upon listening back, found that it’s a pretty solid description of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

The title, translated to english, is:  Ideas are Worthless.  Obviously a bit of an overstatement but the point I’m making in the podcast is that while not entirely valueless, they certainly are not as magical as you’d hope.  I’m often approached by entrepreneurs who present their brilliant idea and then step back with a sort of “Ta Da!” look in their eyes – as if money should instantly come shooting out of the ground.  It’s a common fiction born from watching startup successes from afar.  You never see the grind, the failures, and the pain.

Anyway, if any of this stuff is interesting to you, or you’re having trouble sleeping, or have a long drive ahead of you?  Put this on your headphones and drop me a line with your thoughts and/or reactions.

Podcast about Agave Lab

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