We have an opening in our schedule

Hi Everyone:

One of our US clients just lost their funding out of the blue which means they need to halt all product development immediately.  Huge bummer for them.

However, that means that, starting at the end of March, we will have a full product management / design / development / devops / QA team available to work for you.  

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve built dozens of products/projects for clients in almost every market sector.  Our sweet spot is fairly standard – javascript-oriented (NodeJS, React, Angular) with SQL databases, native mobile development, github, AWS, CI-CD, heavy on the test coverage, etc.

We’re comfortable with a variety of engagement styles:  Staff augmentation basis, where we add resources to your team, or we can provide a complete team (including product management, and UX/UI design).  We charge $45 – $55 per hour / per resource.

This opening is a bit of a rarity – between our internal Agave Lab portfolio companies and our US clients we’re generally booked to capacity for months and years in advance.  We were sorry to see that project go but their loss might be your gain.

Drop me a line if this is interesting or, if you know someone who might be interested, please it pass along.