We have an opening in our schedule

Normally our internal “software factory” approach keeps our teams fully utilized building products for the startups that we fund and incubate.  However, starting in mid September we have a full team that is available for as long as 6 months.  This would be perfect for an early stage startup or a more established company that has a product idea that they want to quickly execute on.  The team consists of:

-Project Management

-UX Design

-Mobile (iOS and/or Android)

-Full Stack Devs


Our sweet spot is JavaScript (React / Nodejs) but Rails is also an option.  You can read more about how we work here but, in summary, here are some of the things that we like:  industrial strength architecture, AWS, Docker & Docker Cloud, short interval sprints, unit/functional/integration/QA test coverage, continuous integration, clean and simple user interface design, microservices architecture.

If you, or someone you know, needs an experienced team to deliver a reliable and great looking product on time, and at reasonable prices, please give us a shout at either my email or info@agavelab.com.  Thanks!!