VoxFeed Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Voxfeed: Influencers need to work with greater transparency and clearer rules

This article first appeared in Entrepreneur magazine (in Spanish) here.


Influencer marketing company Voxfeed presented the market overview for influencer marketing, the challenges it is facing and what’s coming for the segment in the coming years.


They focused on the innovations in the influencers industry in Mexico and the region and proposed opportunities for brands and agencies in the sector to work in a more transparent manner.

Voxfeed shared the following numbers on the influencer marketing sector:

  • 80% of companies use influencers in their marketing strategies
  • 67% of brands activate their influencer campaigns through in-house teams
  • 76% of marketing teams operate their marketing influencer campaigns manually (according to data from Relatable and Launch Metrics)

These trends show a great opportunity for the segment.

VoxFeed was founded in 2012 by Gustavo López and Manuel de la Torre and has offices in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Currently, VoxFeed has a presence in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, England, and East Asia.

VoxFeed offers three solutions to the influencer marketing industry in Mexico and internationally.

VoxFeed Saas is a free management platform that simplifies collaboration between influencers, brands, and agencies. It is software to manage campaigns and transactions with influencers in a transparent way, in addition to producing reports and metrics in real time. This allows the negotiation experience in the Influencer Marketing campaigns to be easy, safe, and transparent for all.

“Greater transparency in the influencers industry allows brands to have visibility into the investment they make with influencers, and this allows agencies to demonstrate the value they are contributing to the process while avoiding inflated expenses.”

  • Gustavo López, CEO of VoxFeed

They also offer VoxFeed Plus, a premium solution that allows agencies and brands to scale campaigns with micro-influencers in exchange for a commission applied to the influencer’s payment.

Finally, the company presented VoxFeed Pay, a financing platform that seeks to solve one of the most common problems between influencers and agencies: the rapid payment for their services and the liquidity of the agencies to cover the payments to influencers in faster times.

VoxFeed concluded by emphasizing that they want to improve the influencer marketing industry through the creation of clear rules and transparency in the industry. They hope this will help all parties involved –influencers, advertisers and brands– obtain the best returns on their investments.