Trump’s Visa Crackdown Backfires – from the Financial Times

The Financial Times published a story about how Trump’s recent comments regarding closing down the H1B visa program will encourage tech startups to look elsewhere to house their development talent.  Guadalajara wants to be that place.

From the article: (get the full text here)

Donald Trump’s pledge to clamp down on immigration has soured relations between Mexico and the US as the new president looks to build a border wall between the two countries. But his moves to restrict how many highly skilled immigrants can enter the country may benefit America’s southern neighbour, as technology outsourcers from India, Europe and the US eye Mexico as a place from which to service US clients struggling to recruit software engineers.

Agave Lab even gets a mention.

Andy Kieffer, who moved to Guadalajara, Mexico’s tech hub, 10 years ago after nearly two decades in the Bay Area, runs Agave Lab, which helps start-ups outsource software engineering. An investor, developer and accelerator of projects, he has seen calls from start-ups surge in an “alarming fashion” to twice a week from once a month. As one of his clients told him: “Start hiring and don’t stop.”