The Economist Writes About Agave Lab Ventures

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We were humbled and honored to be featured in a story from The Economist magazine over this weekend.  Apparently our unorthodox approach to investing in Mexico caught their eye and they did a really great story on it.  In addition to being able to tick off on of my life’s goals (I’ve been a fan of this pub since I was in college), seeing our investment thesis show up in such a respected publication was really validating.  From the article:

Yet entrepreneurship in a place without a culture of business innovation is not as impossible as it sounds.  Mexicans … have plenty of room to deploy technology to improve efficiencies in their country’s lumbering “old economy”  This sort of thing is exactly what Mexican startups should focus on, says Mr Kieffer: instead of trying to invent something completely new, they should disrupt sleepy Mexican industries.

Congratulations to the others in the article as well:  Adal from Kueski, Luis from The Pool, and Gustavo and Manuel from VoxFeed.