Off the sidelines and back in the game

As most of you know, Agave Lab was the seed investor in VoxFeed.  I’ve been on the board and pretty actively engaged since the start.

As you also probably already know, VoxFeed is a platform that brands use to recruit and engage their users and fans.  They can offer discounts, free product, experiences and/or compensation in exchange for creating and distributing social media content about their authentic engagement with the brand’s product(s).   They’ve been around for a few years and have worked with 100s of big names like AirBnb, Amazon, Sony, Unilever and P&G.

The company is now expanding quickly into the US, Asia and European markets and, with this new move, the board of directors and the previous CEO felt they needed someone with more experience in running a global company.  They offered the CEO role to me and I took them up on it.  Gustavo and Manuel (the 2 co-founders) have done a fantastic job getting things to this point and they’ll continue to be involved moving forward.

I’m still, and will continue to be, fully engaged with the fund.  Over the past several years I’ve built a great team around me that handles a lot of the technical and operational tasks that I used to do.  That’s what’s given me the “spare time” I needed to take on this new challenge.  I’m just as excited and motivated to create and grow new startups as I’ve always been but I’m also enjoying the hands-on challenge of driving VoxFeed to new heights.

Stay tuned.  I’m sure there are some exciting times ahead!

– Andy Kieffer, GP Agave Lab