Modern Concepts in Content Marketing, SEO, and Metrics

The session happened on January 25, 2017 at the Agave Lab facility and was sold out.  Below is a breakdown of the concepts that we covered with a link to the specific section of the video.


Part 1a – Planning a content marketing strategy

Charlie sets the stage by introducing the session and describing how critical “purpose” is in establishing a content marketing strategy.  Understanding, in specific terms, what you hope to attain with your inbound marketing efforts will both define how successful you’ll be and what form that success will take.



Part 1b – Attracting users to your content

Charlie and Luke go DEEP into the details with tips and tricks on the 4 topics you need to master to attract users to your content – including how to select and use the right keywords, links (which links help, which links hurt), website optimization, and how to structure your content in an SEO-friendly way. This a compressed masters class on content with a tremendous amount of information – grab a cup of coffee and fasten your seatbelt. (PS: links to most of the tools they mention are included below)



Part 2a – Using Content to Convert Visitors to Users

Part 1 gave showed you how to create the right keywords, content, website, and link profile to attract visitors to your site, but now what? In this section Luke and Charlie explain how to creatively use content to convert those visitors into users.



Part 2b – Measuring Success

Parts one through three gave you all the tools to bring visitors to your content and then convert them into users or customers. Now it’s time to measure that success. What metrics should you focus on? What tools should you be using? What should your expectations be? How to adapt your approach based on what you learn. Charlie and Luke go deep into the details in this last section.