Microservices – An in-depth look

Agave Lab AfterHours session about microservices

The next in our After Hours series is all about MicroServices.  This will be a in-depth exploration of our experience transitioning to a microservices architectures.  By separating independently deployable software systems and allowing them to communicate via a message queue,microservices provide flexibility, and scale.  As with all of our After Hours sessions, the evening is geared toward people who are expert devs, already have familiarity with the concept of microservices, and want to explore the specific approaches.  We’ll first share some concepts and then dive right into the code with some examples.

There a limited number of seats left so if you’re interested, reserve your space now.

Daniel Montes de Oca y Fernando Mendoza nos platicarán sobre microservicios y la experiencia que han tenido en la transición de proyectos monolíticos a este tipo de arquitectura.