Mexico’s Silicon Valley seizes opportunity opened by Trump’s xenophobia

Vice Story about Startups in Mexico

Duncan Tucker (@DuncanTucker) published a great article today on Motherboard (a VICE Magazine property) about how the governor of Jalisco (Aristóteles Sandoval) is trying to attract Bay Area startup talent to Guadalajara (dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Mexico”). He’s offered to work with any American tech firms affected by Trump’s policies, while providing opportunities for their 85,000 foreign workers “with no discrimination of origin, religion or legal status”.  Not sure how effective this is going to be in rerouting talent from there to here but I applaud the initiative.

We were featured in the article and the point that I made was that this “anti-Mexico” moment in the US could be a catalyst for Mexico to become more inwardly-focused.

“Mexico’s tech sector is manically and unnaturally focused on being relevant in the United States while completely ignoring the immense opportunity that’s here. There are huge, billion-dollar industries that are still operating 20 years behind the times, so in some senses I’m wondering whether this might be a great wakeup call for Mexico,”

This is, and has been, the mission of Agave Lab – to seek out opportunities in Mexico where the application of modest amount of money and technology can have a dramatic impact, both financially and culturally.  The US seems to, as of late, lost a bit of their self-identity and shared purpose, this could be a time for Mexico to find its own.