EasyLex Featured in Forbes!

30 Promises 2020 – EasyLex wants to help you set up your company

Our portfolio company, EasyLex, was recently featured in Forbes Mexico’s feature on the 20 promising new businesses of 2020. This article first appeared in Spanish here

EasyLex is a platform where users can start a company, plus create and manage contracts in a fast and secure way.


Photo: Juan Pablo Tavera for Forbes Mexico.

Starting and operating a business is a complicated task in Mexico. This is why Yaritza Rodelo and Andrea Durán created EasyLex, a platform to build companies quickly and safely. EasyLex is a platform where users can set up their company, as well as create, manage and sign any type of contract in a fast and secure way. It’s a tool that allows users to automate the creation of their legal document needs.

“The initial idea behind creating Easylex was that legal processes are very time-consuming and expensive in Mexico,” said co-founder, Yaritza Rodelo. “We want to change that.”

Their goal is to provide entrepreneurs with legal services that are cheap and safe. Entrepreneurs often go without legal protection due to the prohibitive costs of lawyers and legal services. Now, they don’t have to.

Company: EasyLex

Team: Yaritza Rodelo and Andrea Durán

Founded date: 2018

Billing 2019: 1.08 million pesos

Employees: 6

“We want our users to have more secure, error-free documents. This is why we developed an automated process,” added Andrea Durán García, co-founder.

The company is currently developing an e-signature feature so that users can have their documents ready instantly. Users will be able to sign documents electronically and manage the documents online.

For the founders, one of the biggest challenges of creating EasyLex was the technological development of their product. “We’re lawyers. We’re not programmers or anything like that. It’s been a challenge to create a product that was simple enough to serve anyone, whether they were familiar with business law or not,” said Andrea Durán.

Unlike their competitors, Yaritza and Andrea say that Easylex offers a solution online that covers ALL the administrative and contractual legal needs of a company. “We also have experts in the latest legislation in startups and startup fundraising,” they say.