Lobby Fix – the modern, secure way to greet and manage your visitors

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iPad with LobbyFix


(Photo: Alfonso Hernández)

Lobbyfix is ​​a software-as-a-service platform dedicated to modern visitor registration.

Lobbyfix’s goal is to help businesses modernize and provide an efficient visitor experience. 

Lobbyfix founder, César Alfonso Meléndez Sahagún, said that the idea emerged some time ago when he visited a corporate building.  It seemed absurd to him that people were still using paper and pen to get into such a modern space. “Nobody reviews log books and visitors can easily falsify data. It seemed like an outdated process.”

The young entrepreneur recalled that after he started developing his project and looking for clients in the real estate field, someone put him in contact with Andy Kieffer from Agave Lab, who became his investment partner after the pair came up with a viable business plan. 

Lobbyfix provides receptionists with modern a web-based admin console to quickly and efficiently check in visitors – or visitors can self-register using Lobbyfix’s iPad app.

The platform provides security to clients by letting them know, at any time, who is in their building.   For recurring visitors, Lobbyfix uses a built-in photo compare feature to verify that it is the same person.

This month, the company is launching a pre-registration feature so users can register and notify their visitors in advance. With this feature, visitors are sent important information related to their visits such as the Wi-Fi credentials and assigned parking. “This gives your visitor a more hospitable and secure experience.”

Upon registration, Lobbyfix sends a notification to the company or the person being visited, who then approves the visit.  The notifications are sent via email, messenger, or through Lobbyfix’s iPhone or Android mobile application.”

All visitor traffic is securely captured by Lobbyfix and can be reviewed at any time, from any location.    Lobbyfix also generates statistics and reports on a building’s visitor flow and trends.

One of the key advantages of Lobbyfix is ​​that it a 100% software solution – with no cables, proximity detectors, or other hardware required. “All that is needed is a computer with Internet access.  You can set up your account in minutes, and connect your entire building in two or three hours. Everything is very agile.”

Founder, César Alfonso Meléndez Sahagún. It seemed absurd to him that people were still using paper and pen to get into such a modern space.



The startup is just over a year old and has consistently shown month-over-month growth in its target market: commercial real estate.  Current customers include large co-working spaces, apartment complexes, and multi-tower corporate building, primarily in Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City.  Although they are focusing their marketing efforts in Mexico, they also have users in other parts of Latin America including Costa Rica, Colombia, and Panama.

The monthly costs are based the volume of visits.  For buildings that have fewer than 50 visits per month, the account is absolutely free.  The next plan provides up to 500 visits for 500 pesos and the next is up to 1000 visits for a 1,000 peso plan. For accounts in excess of that volume, they offer a customized plan according to their clients’ needs. 

To learn more about Lobbyfix, go to www.lobbyfix.com, email experiencia@lobbyfix.com or WhatsApp 33 3806 7870.